a little note

I know, isn't the whole layout disgusting? I stripped my blog of it's beauty, or lack there of.

So I suppose you all thought I was done for good (blogging wise). I thought so too. My sister hinted, "you know, you should just drop blog designing and take up blogging."

Mostly, I did spend a lot of time blog designing, because I planned on someday / perhaps / sorta starting up a little shop.

So, I decided to give up blog designing and resume blogging...however, I've been keeping a small blog (which was intended for myself to go back to) but a few of y'all discovered my secret... For my blog, my goal is to encourage others (and myself!). As it is, my craftiness has gone down the tubes, so "Joyfull Girl Creations" doesn't quite fit.

Goodbye, Joyfullgirl Creations

This is the post that was coming. I knew it was, I just didn't have the heart to write it. So before I change my mind, I'll tell you.

Blogging has had a fun place in my life, but I'm going to give it up. Although I enjoy sharing my creations and thoughts with all of my dear readers, it just takes up too much time. (see below)

I'm not deleting my blog, it will still be up for browsers, but you won't be seeing any more posts.
who are chosen 2 according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with His blood: May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure. ~ 1 Peter 1: 1g-2
Simply, my sweet blog takes up too much time. It often becomes an obsession and a waste of time. I don't feel like having this blog is an imperative part of my walk with God. I find that being joyful is much easier when there aren't things that come between myself and God.

Although I may blog in the future, this is farewell, for a long while. Thanks for a great year of blogging!

once upon a photoshoot(ssssss)

I love photo shoots. I love friends. I love crazy sisters (to an extent).

Photo shoots are fun.

Besides photo shoots, I was taught how to watercolor (my attempt was pitiful). If you want to learn how to watercolor, ask Marieanne over for a week - - - she'll love to teach you. 

You probably won't hear much of me - - after Marieanne leaves (*tears*) I'll be hopping down to Texas! I'm trying to finish all designs as quickly as possible...

Un monde magique
<- - - Check out Marieanne's blog  by clicking the button!

Restaurant worthy Coupes Crème

Imagine this, it's a hot summer day. You're at home with a dumb dog and your baby sister (and a marine, but he doesn't count because he is sleeping.) While sitting on the floor looking through a cookbook, your little sister points excitedly to yogurt cups. 

You pull out all your ingredients, and decide you want to add brown sugar instead of powdered sugar. You dump more than the called measurement (your little sister squeals happily while the beater runs.)

After the cups collapse in the oven, and you decide maybe this wasn't a good idea, you finally take them out and pour yogurt on top.

The result: A new recipe collaborated by yourself, and a delicious snack.

And now, due to popular comment request, this is the part of the post where I tell you the recipe.

3/4 cups of flour
1/4 cup of butter (softened)
6 Tsp brown sugar
A pinch of cold water
a little vanilla

Preheat oven to 375 degrees (f). Add flour, butter and brown sugar in a medium bowl. Beat until crumbly and soft. Add a little water (it varies) and vanilla until it forms a cookie dough texture.

Grease a muffin pan and fill each cup halfway with dough. Bake until the top is crisp (but not burnt!). If your cups are still underdone, carefully flip the hot yogurt cups onto a cookie sheet and finish baking.

Cool until warm, and gently scoop out the middle. Spoon a cup of yogurt in your "cup" and sprinkle with oatmeal or fresh strawberries. Serve on a pretty plate and enjoy your newest creation!

warning: this recipe was made from memory, I'm not sure whether it was a mistake that I made it so delicious. :)

tucked into my portfolio...

Designing was getting to be a bore, something I didn't look forward to. I didn't want to spend my summer stuck inside trying to design blogs.

Until I got an e-mail, from an especially lovely young lady, and that all changed. It poured rain all week - so I was forced to stay inside - and I had so much fun designing!! Thanks, Kendra!

five years later...

She posted.

At first, she had high hopes of posting about her first-ever quilting bee. Naturally she forgot her camera.

The idea of posting a long post came in mind, perhaps with a hint of "Why it is Not a Good Idea to Fall off Wet Docks : An Inspiring Novel by B.G.B." (but naturally, anyone with the middle name of Grace would never fall off a wet dock into surging currents).

After a little thought, she planned to write a post blasting all brothers who naturally (like their most-used-adjective) blasted 20th Century Fox through a small car. Note to brother: Little sisters cannot get into cars when shoes and a few boxes of windshield wipers hog the back seat.

She finally decided to share a picture she was in love with (above). She would like you to know, she thinks it is quite hilarious that peek is spelled p-e-e-k and not p-e-a-k.

Now that she has reached the peek peak of her climax, she happily writes the following:

The End

Afternote: After careful scrutiny, she also found that wiper is spelled w-i-p-e-r and not w-h-i-p-e-r. She would like you to know that windshield whipers wipers running makes it difficult to see dear deer.

when you give twins a boat...

They're going to grab some fishing rods, lures, and what-not. After getting weeds stuck in the motor and hopelessly watching the fish jump just out of reach, they will head home. After twin brother gets the lure stuck to a land / waterlogged log, they'll motor the boat over to get it unhooked. After they find it wedged between two logs, they will also get dangerously close to the bank and twin sister will panic and throw in the anchor.

After they save the lure, twin sister finds that the anchor is also stuck on some unseen log and they will contemplate jumped in to freeing the anchor. Twin brother will walk over and effortlessly pull up the anchor while twin sister is screaming about the motor also stuck on the log. While twin sister fumbles to open the paddle, twin brother manages to throw the anchor in the boat front.

By this time, twin sister will tactfully attempt to maneuver the boat out of the riverbank, while twin brother chides twin sister for be so scared.

Author's note: I did dunk his hat in the water afterwards. After he began to mercilessly tickle me off the dock (into the tow chain) I also threatened to give the fish his shoe. To the readers humor, I will admit the only (and most amazing) catch of the day, consisted of Twin Sister hooking a weed bed. Hence the dumb expression.

I apologize, dear Erin, that this post nearly mirrored yours - - and so if any of y'all would like to read a similar and happily ending fishing tale, hop on over to her turquoise umbrella!

Blockquotes - diy {easy}

Do you remember way back when when I gave a tutorial on making "background boxes"? After waltzing around through my html, I stumbled upon an easier and more efficient way to achieve quote boxes (technically called, blockquotes) by one click of the button. Interested?
Certain you're interested? Like these amazing blockquotes? You can make one yourself!!